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On March 20th ’21 I interviewed Gram a black, non-binary fursuit crafter and artist living their best life! As the co-owner of Furench Toast Fursuits, she’s had quite the history with making fursuits and interacting with all kinds of people. It was surprising to learn that her family was supportive of their craft from the start. Not something you hear everyday to say the least. 

While Gram excels at being creative, outsiders tend to judge them before getting to know them.  Living in various places in the Midwest, you learn harsh realities earlier than others. Being singled out in furmeets and group chats tends to rub someone the wrong way, and Gram explains why it’s so hurtful and the effects it can have on someone mentally. Thankfully, Gram manages to find friends in their own way, 

Thanks for listening to this episode! We’re going to be going on a hiatus until June.  

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