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On March 12th, ’21 I interviewed Hanzo a half Japanese, half Irish drifter busy making beats in his studio. When he’s not rapping, singing, making videos, or dancing with his crew Clawz N’ Concrete Crew. He dishes his grievances towards the furry fandom and why he prefers to call himself a ‘beastman’ instead of a furry in this interview.

Hanzo doesn’t pull punches when talking about “furry role models” and the lack of the accountability in the fandom. Not to mention fandom’s obsession with EDM or what goes on in some of the room parties. 

Stepping outside of the criticisms of the fandom Hanzo touches on the anti-Asian rhetoric spread by 45, the model minority, and imperialism. Buckle in because things get heavy, but it’s not all heavy! 

Thanks for listening! 

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