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Can You See Us Now?

Originally recorded September 19th 2020.

On September 27th I sat down with Izzy from WeaselPress to discuss diversity in the fandom and why representation is important to furs of color. Originally, the episode was recorded the week previous, but due to a recording error we had to re-record this episode. It serves as a “highlight reel” of the questions asked from the original recording. 

Izzy is an esteemed writer, poet, and publisher with an upcoming collection of poems titled “The Audacity of Your Bullshit” coming out sometime next month. He prides himself in being an open book — no pun intended! Sex, race, kinks, sexuality, and more he’s open to discussing all of it. We scratched the surface in this interview digging deep into why being colorblind isn’t as great as it sounds.

Thanks for listening! 

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