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In late January I sat down with Kai Drossom a Ghanaian and British fur living in the far away land of London England. This episode was such a treat to take part in. Kai is exceptionally sharp! They waste no time discussing anything and everything that made them the person they are today as well as why some of those things need not be tread by anyone in the future. Since they’re the official CEO of Entail – the kickass new furry app set to launch and out speed past all competitors – I expected nothing less than the brilliance on display here.

If being the head of Entail wasn’t enough they also detail their relationship with the furry community as a whole. From being a furmeet friendly face to eventually getting fed up with the systems that be and picking up the mantle themselves and creating Barkade Furs with previous guest Saint Panic. A remarkable, and daring endeavor that’s made a real impact on the furs of the UK. 

Kai describes their identity in a way that feels personal… Because it is. Even their struggles with the UK’s government feels deeply personal to me – an American. For good reason at that. They paint a picture of a bleak UK that’s a ticking time bomb to anyone paying attention, but it’s not all doom and gloom. The future may just be bright after all.

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