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Stephanie Interview

The missing person Marquez Duncan was found April 8th, ’21.

On March 14th ’21, I sat down with Kiri the black academic who’s determination drives her to be the best she can be. Her journey through the fandom really shows the magic of it all. How found family, and misfits can make you feel at home and get through tough times. It can be difficult, Kiri tells, to live with the conditions that manifest in painful ways physically and mentally.

Though, as you’ll hear time and time again that one act of kindness is all you need sometimes. It can really change someone’s perspective. Speaking of change, Kiri discusses how the false pretenses of purity hurt the left. After all, everyone has been guilty of something in the past for one thing or the other. She opens up and talks about how the turning point for her in regards to LGBT+ was the case of Matthew Shepard.

This quirky, and witty dhole really proves the perseverance of her species through her dedication to academia. To keep pushing to understand and learn even if it can be painful sometimes. When it comes to her family and their support for her ambitions, well, you’ll just have to hear how touching it is for yourselves!

Thank you for listening!

Cover art done by Vanilla! If you enjoy their art, please consider checking out their Patreon here! 

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