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Can You See Us Now?

On October 4th I sat down with the mystical Kitsune Mark Lee a half black, quarter Native American, quarter Greek, bi-curious furry living in California. (Near my hometown fun fact >_>) While he was nervous at first he had no trouble opening up about his experiences inside and outside the fandom. It’s often overlooked but body image issues can have a serious effect on someone’s self-esteem even in the furry fandom. Finding out there are people, not only accepting of you, but into you can make a HUGE difference.

Mark Lee discusses his struggles with police assuming the worst of him, having trouble getting down at furcons, and what he wants to see from the fandom to help it grow. I learned a lot about the small steps we can take to push for diversity to say the least. Disabilities and mental health were brought up, but I can’t wait to delve into those topics more in future videos! It really opens the door to conversations we need to have. Stay tuned for that in the future.

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