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Can You See Us Now?

On September 27th 2020 I got the chance to sit down with Panic the bear! A fun loving black London-er unafraid to speak his mind and get my goat any time he gets the chance. This ain’t his first rodeo either. This talented bear keeps his paws busy with all sorts of projects within the fandom and out! Including co-running the Furs of Color Telegram & Discord chats!

Be sure to check out the podcasts and other projects I’ve linked to down here. He’s been in the fandom for more than a decade – things sure have changed a lot back then. But if you know furries you know some things just never change.

We discuss the quiet racism just below the surface of the UK’s calm exterior, how Pan has made an impact on the BIPOC furry community, and what you can do to start learning about these difficult issues. Though, we did get distracted by things like dogs with shoes once or twice…

Thanks for listening, everyone! This was a fun episode.

Shout-outs to our newest addition to Team Rhyner: Sal! The artist of this episode’s cover art. Send them some love!

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