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On February 21st, ’21 I sat down with Rocky, a black individual with a lot to say about America and the way it upholds its systems of oppression. While I wasn’t sure what to expect from this usually upbeat dancer things quickly turned into a lengthy conversation about how poverty keeps us poor, and how things got to where  they are now. It’s honestly gut wrenching to come closer to understanding the faces of white supremacy and the many ways it snakes into our lives.

The police, for example, are meant to protect us. But when they’re not held accountable for misuse of power, and BIPOC bodies hit the floor, who can we turn to? Rocky puts these things very eloquently, and with words that come from the heart. Things get real, and graphic in this episode, but Rocky’s perspective sheds new light on things taken for granted by the common person.

This goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway.

Black Lives Matter. All Cops Are Bastards.

Thanks for listening, everybody!

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