Racism Doesn’t Start With Slurs!

It begins with willful ignorance. Curious on how to take the next step in the fight against Racism? Don’t just settle for “not being racist” you need to be an ANTI-RACIST!

But what does being an Anti-Racist mean? To put it shortly it means to stand up when you see discrimination and prejudice. It doesn’t always have to be in public either.

For example when a family member says something alarming don’t just furrow your brow in disapproval – start a conversation about it. Tell them that what you’re saying confuses them/hurts them and tell them why it does. You won’t always change minds, but that’s OK.


Systemic Racism:

Environmental Racism:

Medical Racism:

Tuskegee Experiment & Syphilis Explained:

MOVE Bombing Explained:

Jane Elliot’s Brown Eye, Blue Eye Experiment:

Black Wall Street Explained:

Seneca Village Explained:

“De-Lousing” At The Border Explained:

Sequoyah – The American Indian State That Never Was Explained:

AAPI(Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders) Covid-19 Attacks Explained:

Native American Boarding Schools Explained:


Check this out if you want to know 103 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice.

A free e-book version of An Indigenous Peoples History of the United States

Need a full course on all things racism? Check out this Google Doc full of information or this Excel Sheet if you prefer.

Be sure to use this carrd to access any and all information mentioned above.

A Google Doc with resources to STOP ASIAN HATE!

A carrd with Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Asian Americans and African Americans building coalitions and Black-Asian solidarity!

Dispelling the “Model Minority” Myth

Don’t forget that it’s OK if you can’t protest in the streets or donate money. Uplift BIPOC voices by sharing their works, buying their art, & acknowledging their places in the fandom. It does so much to help.

BIPOC Furs You Should Know About

Need to find BIPOC Furs to follow on Twitter?

Check #FursofColor on Twitter and go from there.

A notable video about racism inside and outside of the fandom.

A furry publishing house specializing in uplifting BIPOC voices – be sure to buy from them whenever you can.

A thread of notable furs fighting for diversity in the furry fandom.

A write up by an African-American fur detailing an encounter with the police.

Support Indigenous Furs’ efforts to push their cultural revitalization  efforts forward.

If you’re around the London area (UK) in a post-Covid world take a look at Barkade Furs – an awesome furmeet led by two BIPOC furs.