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Back in February 2021 I sat down with Kavaeric a (Hong Kong)Chinese-Japanese Canadian immigrant divulging his time between art and learning how to use a dishwasher. He’s not quite a human, not quite a dragon, and not quite a robot either! In truth he’s a mix of many things, from his backgrounds, to his interests, and demeanor. Despite the oddball or permanent fish out of water syndrome he’s gone through throughout his life he’s learned to appreciate it about himself thanks to the furry fandom.

He goes on to detail the cultures he’s been a part of and how they differ from one another. Things get real when we get into a discussion of how BIPOC furries are framed in the fandom at large, and why more privileged furs are more inclined to take the hostile actions they do. Not to mention how North America at large treats Asian people whether they’re Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and so on. If you’ve never heard the term “model minority” this might be the episode you HAVE to listen to.

This was originally a 3 hour interview that got cut down as much as we could. Sorry for any weird noises! There were some audio-mishaps that couldn’t get ironed out during recording.

As always thanks for tuning in and listening!

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