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Sources for this episode provided by Ryn Ufe:

Back in February 12th 2021 I sat down with Ryn Ufe a groundbreaking activist and vocal member of the Houma tribe embodying the spirit of the ‘Land Back’ movement. They pulled out all the stops to chock this interview full of useful information. (Like literally they brought notes!) 

They represent their culture and where they come from in an honest light. It’s not always the prettiest thing living in a swamp, but it’s got its perks. Although, Ryn doesn’t waste time explaining why what would usually be a blooming swamp teaming with biodiversity has turned into a rather rough place to get by in. Pollution and oil leaks have ravaged the land, killing plants and fish alike. 

If you’ve ever wondered why Indigenous peoples won’t stand down this episode is a MUST to listen to. These are layered issues without easy solutions, but Ryn is willing to put in the work. They’ve put themselves to work making the tribe better by practicing herbal medicine, becoming a street medic, preserving the language, and speaking at events. You’ll see that Ryn may be a dog but they’re certainly not all bark! 

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