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On February 20th, ’21 I sat down with Teddy Wynton a black drummer outta Maryland who’s been in the fandom for decades and has quite a few stories to tell. He pulls from his past to paint a detailed look at the fandom and how being a furry has changed his life in more than one way. Especially when it comes to accepting things about himself that were are to face alone like his sexuality.

Teddy also articulates the root of problems blerds (black nerds) have when it comes to anti-blackness and feeling cast out. Made understandable by the way he layers in with his own experiences. Not to mention the onslaught of judgement for trying to wear his hair “naturally” but getting turned away for being “unprofessional.”  This is a perspective you’re not going to want to miss.

Music really energizes Teddy and elevates him to a new plane of existence. It’s obvious from the way he talks about his musical inspirations. As a “drum for hire” he’s done everything from performing with MJ impersonators to collaborating with Louie Zong. Though, as you’ll find out, he still considers himself to be a student. He also divulges how he feels about the lack of music diversity at furcons, and why it’s so prevalent.  Turns out carrying your drums everywhere isn’t that practical!

Thanks for listening, everyone!

Captain Nikko (NSFW 18+ SPICY)


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