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June 12th 2020 I got to sit down with Hy and it was tons of fun! We got into all kinds of topics from dragons fucking cars, police brutality to Chipotle burritos. Don’t forget to pay your respects to the Pulse Nightclub, that on the day of this recording, was shot up by a man who shall not be named.


Thank you for listening.

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[00:00:00] Rhyner: [00:00:00] Hey everybody. This is Rhyner host of today I'm joined by the furry enthusiast. He's black, he's gay and no, you cannot touch his purple peets, but you can catch him on Twitter and at Crocutamane. I'm super excited to meet this guy. Can't wait to learn more about him. Hy, the spotted hyena.

How are you doing?

Hy: [00:00:28] I'm chilling. Okay. Pretending to be a cowboy, you know, usual shit. You feel me?

Rhyner: [00:00:34] A cowboy. Oh, you mean like Red Dead Redemption 2?

Hy: [00:00:38] I'm addicted to it, I can't stop playing. Like I just wake up at like 6:00 AM, like wash my face and then like shoot some laws. Very fulfilling. Anyways.


Rhyner: [00:00:52] Hello. That does sound very fulfilling. If I gotta be honest. I fell off that though. Uh, I never got to play the first [00:01:00] redemption red, dead redemption when it came out back then. So I'm kind of behind,

Hy: [00:01:05] It was a good game. I like, I started replaying it, like when it became, when they came on, PS now like a month ago, I just didn't get past the second mission I played, it was on three 60 and that was like 10 years ago.

Damn. I'm old, like ouch. But yeah, it was a good game. It was good game.

Rhyner: [00:01:23] Oh, you're not that old. You're only like 30, right? Oh my

Hy: [00:01:27] God. Don't remind me.

Rhyner: [00:01:28] And soon you will be 35 and then it'll be about time to buy a Corvette.

Hy: [00:01:35] Hell nah, fucked up. No, no way.

Can I cuss?

Rhyner: [00:01:42] I don't care. You can cuss.

Hy: [00:01:45] Yes. I love cussing.

Love so much.

Rhyner: [00:01:49] I mean, I'm pretty passionate about it myself.

Hy: [00:01:53] You just cuss.

Rhyner: [00:01:55] Exactly. Uh, speaking of Corvettes, though, I [00:02:00] did see on your, uh, beneath there fursona post thingy, that you were a bit of a car guy.

Hy: [00:02:06] My first love, like before I remember anything, like, I remember just loving cars, like that's like, that's my like whole base.

Rhyner: [00:02:19] Your first love, uh, that kind of reminds me of that documentary. I watched about guys that were literally in love with their cars and there was one guy who would sneak out in the middle of the night to, um, hump his dad's like. I don't remember what kind of car it was. It was some kind of ugly dumpy car, but you were like fucking ejaculate on that shit.

In the middle of the night when he was like 15 or something,

Hy: [00:02:42] I think I know what you talking about. Like, it was not, it was, I swear, one of, one of them a furry too. It was like a dragon or something. It was like fucking his car. He was like fucking tail pipe or something. Yeah. That was like years ago. Oh my God. Oh no,


[00:03:00] Rhyner: [00:02:59] If we're talking about a dragon, that's fucking his car. Are we talking about the regular review, regular car review guy? Cause he's a dragon furry.

Hy: [00:03:10] I, I mean probably on brand, but I don't know it was somebody else. He was like, bald, I swear. He was like, bald you like a white like. Ooh, who's that? Nevermind,

Rhyner: [00:03:26] bro.

I cannot imagine that kind of shit. What a world we live in.

Hy: [00:03:32] Like, it's just like, why would you fucking metal? Like, I'm going to cut my Dick. I'm trying to fuck my car. You crazy?

Rhyner: [00:03:37] Well, listen, listen, listen. Right. Uh, they don't actually put it inside of like the metal tube. They like put a cushion in there and then they fuck it.

Hy: [00:03:46] It's 2020 just use a fleshlight bitch just shove it in there.

Rhyner: [00:03:53] Yeah, exactly. Oh my God, dude. I feel like I want to, [00:04:00] Oh, thinking about someone having a fricking like car wife, who or something. It's just amazing. Oh my gosh. Do you talk to any other car furry gear, head type people?

Hy: [00:04:12] I talked to several it's actually it it's like on and off.

I can't keep up on telegram. Cause I don't know why. Right. I talked to several, like we chill. Um, I'm trying to get like a group together. Do some, a set of courses though. Um, it's like, it's a, it's like a racist system. So I'm just trying to get my little group together. Do a little drive driving. Talk his shit, you know, usual,

Rhyner: [00:04:36] Oh, racing SIM, like the one that you have on your Twitch channel.

I think I saw you playing some racing game and I was like that. Yeah.

Hy: [00:04:44] I think that was the same one I need to, like, I need to like polished, like this Twitch stuff out. Cause I was like, I'm just starting to get it, trying to get into it, but I'm just like, I'm so disorganized and I'll just like, I give up.

Rhyner: [00:04:59] Right. So you got [00:05:00] like set up a schedule

Hy: [00:05:02] and like throughout all training, I like the all fancy, like the other people do, but I'm just like, I'm more comfortable for roads. Just like, it's like just score group. And I'm just planning, like with, for close friends, like, I fought with that with like Twitch. I feel like it's just like, damn all these eyes on me at home might as well try something,

Rhyner: [00:05:21] you know?

Yeah, I get what you mean. As long as you don't have to stoop to a begging for bits, you know, like fricking squatting for five bits or something stupid like that, you know, self-respect

Hy: [00:05:37] uh, what a, what a world we live in.

Rhyner: [00:05:42] You gotta secure the bag somehow, right?

Hy: [00:05:45] Somehow.

Rhyner: [00:05:47] Oh man. Oh man. Is it a, any kind of, is there any weirdness there in your car for a group because you're, you know,

[00:06:00] Hy: [00:06:00] Oh, not like nowadays, no. Back in the day there wasn't really, I wasn't really like in those circles much. Like I'll talk to like cars about like with furries.

Sometimes I was like, back in the day when I remember, well, you said like posts on essay about like dogs and shit. Like, it was like always like a few suspect as little snide comments. And I'm like, I'm RAC. Are you doing that? No. Like. Like, honestly, you don't like it. That's fine. But like, you know, fucking just, which is being an asshole for real, like just saying some Loki racist shit, like, come on, wait,

Rhyner: [00:06:38] fuck out.

They're trying to fly under the radar for no reason. Like, come on, just be up front about it. Right,

Hy: [00:06:43] right, right. Beyond that, like not much weirdness, like in that aspect, like in the fucking community, like back in the day. Yeah. And then my. Would be like some shit that'd be blatant. Like, you'll see some shit, like, [00:07:00] so my personal, like use of browse, like back in data, like FAA forums, which like, I met like a good amount of people there.

Shout out to Deanna, that's my home girl. Like she's doing the damn thing, but like, it'll be like some threads and shit. It just be like really fucked up like racist shit. And then it was always like they had to close the thread. And then like when it comes to cons, like. I can remember a few times, top of my head where you're just like, you're the only black person at the party.

You can get this vibe, like I'm not invited. Like you just, you feel it's in a bag. You just like, not just take the beer. And I just go like, all right, yo, let me hear this beer. Don't want to be here too. So let me, yeah, no, like I said, it was nowadays, it's like better, but having us where I haven't been to con I haven't been to a Constance last.

March. So like the last FWA. Hmm. Since everything is like fucking canceled this year, you know what I'm saying?

Rhyner: [00:07:56] It sure is.

Hy: [00:07:58] Yeah. [00:08:00] I don't even know what, I don't know what through myself anymore. I just sit in the house.

Rhyner: [00:08:03] Yeah. You mentioned you wake up, you play red, dead redemption two. Then you pass out presumably after making love to your car.

Hy: [00:08:11] Yeah. All that. I'll wake up. You it, half of the Chipola burrito and I cry in my shower. Woo con great things in life. Great, great, awesome things. You know,

Rhyner: [00:08:25] nice little sponsor plug you've got in there. Thank you.

Hy: [00:08:29] Do not quote me on that sponsors. Shit. I am not a cognitive is fucking capitalist. Real.

Cut me a check and shit. Cut me the check.

Rhyner: [00:08:45] Whoa, hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I don't see anything about a song.

Hy: [00:08:52] Wow. Wow. That's rude, bro.

Rhyner: [00:08:54] To me like that.

Hy: [00:08:58] Wow. All right. All right. Don't come [00:09:00] outside, bro. Give me that

Rhyner: [00:09:02] shit. We're not supposed to go outside. Duh,

Hy: [00:09:06] as many people. I see that today. Shit. Aiden,

Rhyner: [00:09:11] where are you living in Ohio?

Hy: [00:09:14] A central IO.

Rhyner: [00:09:16] What's that like,

Hy: [00:09:18] I'm going to be a Hunter. Like it ain't bad if you like, Oh, I want to start a fucking family. And then like a cheap ish house, which that's getting more fleeting, fleeting away by day.

Galleys prices is going up, but it's alright. If you just look for a simple living, I guess. Um,

Rhyner: [00:09:37] discount American dream.

Hy: [00:09:39] That shit don't exist, but you can say that. Yeah,

Rhyner: [00:09:42] the ice cream exists. That's good enough for me,

Hy: [00:09:45] I guess. Yeah, he did. He put it that way? Yeah, it's decent. But like, for me, like I have no kids.

I blew another time he down. So like I'm just on an adventure in the next [00:10:00] several months. Just do you want the next chapter of my life? Shit moving. Woo.

Rhyner: [00:10:05] So,

Hy: [00:10:07] or all over the fucking furries and gays are, but

Rhyner: [00:10:10] what where's that? What is it?

Hy: [00:10:15] I like that, or just fucking Tahiti. I'll just fucking move it to ed.

Like, can you fucking pina colada and just not pay attention to the world? Just watch it burn. But you know, I'm a city boy, I'm a city boy, so K help it,

Rhyner: [00:10:32] city, boy and Seattle. Sierra is actually not looking too hot right now. I don't know if you want to change plans on that or not.

Hy: [00:10:40] She's fought her on it.

Yeah. I think I have like followed up on that. I just know over the year is dropping, but people are out. So I don't know. I don't know. It's kind of a wait and see situation.

Rhyner: [00:10:53] Well, I meant more about the rampant police brutality going on.

[00:11:00] Hy: [00:10:59] Oh no. Oh, I'll be the cop out. I don't care. I'll go to jail.

Shout out to Chaz. Maybe y'all how y'all doing the fuck Fang. That's that's some shit. I want to see every motherfucker city. Yeah, every motherfucker state it's here. Tori, what the fuck ever good. The government ain't going to help us. So we might as well help ourselves.

Rhyner: [00:11:23] Exactly. Jeez. Hey listen. All I'm saying is that one day my roommate came home from a protest and he told me straight up, I was ready to punch a fucking cop and I was like, good on you.

Good shit, bro.

Hy: [00:11:40] Absolutely. Absolutely.

Rhyner: [00:11:44] I would have busted his ass out of jail. So fast,

Hy: [00:11:47] a little bit of like I've got bill money. I got it. I don't care. I'll shit. Everybody's like, Oh God. I'm like, listen, I'm not here to start shit. But like, I will fight for my life enough.

Rhyner: [00:11:59] Yeah.

[00:12:00] Hy: [00:12:01] Like if you all take me down, I'm gonna go, come down, swing here.

So it ain't even me talking. She is just out of him.

Rhyner: [00:12:06] So even if you go down, you're going to take somebody with you

Hy: [00:12:11] or when somebody's coming to fuck with me. So, I mean,

Rhyner: [00:12:17] I was curious about one thing about you. Like, it seems like you've been in the fandom for like a hell of a long time. Like, I couldn't find wherever the hell you originated from, like Homestuck or something like that.

I think,

Hy: [00:12:33] uh, no, no, I didn't even originate from there. Like her was the fucking first online community I was, yeah. Per year, like, it was like, At the time, like I just, as a teen, I was going through some shit. And from what I remember, cause it was just like, you go through shit and like, we just try to forget it.

So, but like, it was like [00:13:00] just bullshit going on in my life. And then I got like the cell phone and back in the day, like being handed a smartphone. So it was just like this shitty little Nokia with the little, it was like texts basically. Text-based shit. So like I was reading like this shit out, like.

Schuchat stories or whatever. And this is like, oldest fuck is like about like these tar cats and they. Like doing shit in spaces. Like, yeah. So I like, it was a lot of like shit like that. And then once, like I had access to like internet, then that's when, like it started to like kind of snowball and they, like, I really fought with Mohs babies in social media to like late Oh five Oh six.

So like once you get there and this is where they start to explode, cause you started meeting other furs and shit and it just kind of. It goes on for this.

Rhyner: [00:13:48] So you'd say those like little cat stories on your Nokia were like the, it's a kind of a thing to get you interested in the mainstream of anthropomorphic animal people and [00:14:00] stuff.

Yeah, because

Hy: [00:14:00] I like, it was just kind of one thing that you look at the forums was like, Oh, go to this site or do this. And it just, you know, uh, like, um, like I made my first FAA. Wow. Dixie. Yeah. I used to upload like chapter screw music. I got banned bike five times a semester. I was a little asshole though.

Like I ain't gonna lie. I was a little asshole,

Rhyner: [00:14:27] five times from FFA.

Hy: [00:14:31] Like literally just being like a little troll shit Posey, little ass, or, I mean, you go and say, Oh, well what's different. What's the difference. Now I'm like, shut up. Like I was just a little ass or this is, it is what it is back in that day.

And I lost so much music too. Cause my dumb ass ain't back my shit up. And the only copies was on that FAA account and that shit is like white. So it's just like, well, so then like I remade and it's still there, but just obviously that was like, when everybody's just migrated over to [00:15:00] tumbler and Twitter, it's just kind of like I'll post like, but an RPS every six months, but.

I don't think I'll be back. I'll think I'll be back on there. Like, unless like mad people come back.

Rhyner: [00:15:14] So you had the music that you made posted it on eBay. I have to be like a total asshole and got it all correct. Yeah. You can

Hy: [00:15:24] say that.

Rhyner: [00:15:29] That's a pretty good start. That's a great origin story.

Hy: [00:15:34] No, not at first three times, because it was just like the copyright violation is a shit. I was like, it was like, it wasn't that much of a difference between the original song that was when they started cracking down. So that's the first three times the other two, I was just being an asshole.


Rhyner: [00:15:48] fucking copyrights.

Hy: [00:15:52] Yeah. Oh, love it. Love it. Oh,

Rhyner: [00:15:56] I bet. But you've since then moved on from [00:16:00] FFA and I guess, did you try Tumblr before it burned down? Was that like,

Hy: [00:16:06] hell like from 2011, 2010 to 2013,

Rhyner: [00:16:11] 14.

Hy: [00:16:12] Oh, every day, bro, like, Oh, right. So it was just like, I do so much, like I met so many people on there is crazy and not just saying like a lot of dumb shit go down, like, wow.

Like that was, that was a time that was the time to look back and be like, wow. Okay. We did that.

Rhyner: [00:16:33] And what was the most memorable moment for you on that tumbler golden years?

Hy: [00:16:37] One girl that got caught digging up bones, um, from a graveyard.

Rhyner: [00:16:43] Wait a minute.

Hy: [00:16:45] Yeah, that's the thing.

Rhyner: [00:16:46] Oh, wait, wait. I knew about that one.

You were part of that. I

Hy: [00:16:50] wanted to apply of that. I just saw that shit go down. Some bigwig tumbler guy getting taken down for like, Just being the fucking [00:17:00] creep that everybody was, it was just like, Oh, damn. Oh, damn cool. And then like, I think it was a few weeks ago. Like his picture popped up and we just start laughing like, damn, Ooh.

What about here's like an hour or so, or whatever

Rhyner: [00:17:17] his name, what was that man's name?

Hy: [00:17:20] I forget Josh something, but something I'm

Rhyner: [00:17:24] going to type in Josh tumbler Crete.

Oh shit. Okay. So what's happening right now is that that guy is not coming up, but I did get a picture of a K-pop gifts. So when, when?

Hy: [00:17:46] Yes, I

Rhyner: [00:17:46] guess, yeah, that's good enough for me. But nowadays you use Twitter, like pretty much every day, like multiple posts a day. How was that transition for you from Tumblr?

Cause on my end, [00:18:00] it's kind of shitty because it's really difficult to shift through all the media from the tweets and the retweets and stuff like


Hy: [00:18:07] Yeah. Both accounts over Twitter. And I told her at the same time, but it was like 2014, like a little like everybody on his ball. It's like get on my nerves.

I'm not the goal of Twitter. Fuck. All it is. So we jumped ship and it was funny. Like, what was it? Five years later they banned porn and everybody jumped ship to Twitter. Now it's like fucking guys.

Rhyner: [00:18:27] Yeah. So nasty. I guess you're kind of like a little nomad. Cause you keep jumping from platform to platform.

Uh, you also tried out Mastodon sometime in 2018. How did that work out for you?

Hy: [00:18:39] Yeah. Um, it wasn't just, it wasn't as user friendly, as I thought it would be 100 about it. Um, and I don't know, it was just like, I feel like I'm a follower in the type that like, if everybody jumping my ass down, I'll go to mass down, but it just felt like it fell a lot trying to keep like three or four, like social medias in everything.

And just like, you know what, let me just [00:19:00] stick here for a minute and just keep it

Rhyner: [00:19:02] moving. Yeah. That's totally valid. Uh, from the look of it, it's a nice looking website, but it doesn't look like you've gained that much traction. Surely not as much as tumbler Twitter has.

Hy: [00:19:13] Yeah. What's going to take for people to like leave Twitter or like in Facebook, in mass, like that just feel like they just big as hell.

And it's just like

Rhyner: [00:19:23] Facebook what's furries. Uh, what a phrase like on Facebook,

Hy: [00:19:28] I've never, I've just. Managing them. I'm normally friends on Facebook. Like I do have like for friends on there, but like, it's not like, Oh, I have a bunch of first tutors in there. Like that. It's just like, Oh, like they're like Facebook, real life phase with the cows.

Um, I really never dabbled with the Facebook first. I always like hear stories and they create they all crazy, but he was always like some weird stuff going down, but it was like nothing compared to like Instagram for his eye here. What.

Rhyner: [00:19:56] Instagram furries. It was like, take pictures of your [00:20:00] suit or whatever.

What the hell could you possibly be doing?

Hy: [00:20:04] You harass people. There's a lot of camper. They said it was like a lot of like tweens. Well, not twins, but like teens and sharing, you know, teens are like these 18. He's a boy. Well, I don't want them kids these days. Let me tell you about these kids. They all hopped up on the what the, yeah, that's what they call it.

Rhyner: [00:20:27] So what,

but I mean, kids want to chase each other fricking for being a raccoon or a Fox or whatever on Instagram. Who are we to otherwise

Hy: [00:20:44] I have watched you for ya. I know. I know about these kids drugs. Okay. Just. Oh, watch it is a good show.

Rhyner: [00:20:53] Awesome. Another sponsorship. Thank you so much. And what, where can I watch

Hy: [00:20:57] that?

HBO. [00:21:00] HBO.

Rhyner: [00:21:01] There's so many.

Hy: [00:21:03] Yeah. Or you can always do it by other means like there's always other

Rhyner: [00:21:08] foods.

Yeah. Well,

Hy: [00:21:13] look, the fans could be listening. They're busting out of my door from my booklet. Uh, nah, Nope. They did that shit to fucking no, not Swiss beats. What the fuck they did that shit too. They bust down the door for some mix tapes of these. Look that shit up

Rhyner: [00:21:27] right now.

Hy: [00:21:28] No, I'm dead serious. I think it was DJ drama.

Hola. Yeah. It was DJ drama back. Like it was a mixed tape rate, like back in like, Oh six Oh seven, like, cause it was like something with copywriting getting sued or

Rhyner: [00:21:38] whatever. Oh my God.

Hy: [00:21:40] So yeah, like basically like got arrested in Atlanta and like sees like 80,000 mix tapes, CDs. Like, like the police was ran up in there.

Shit just took they the equipment and everything. Cause they had mixed tapes with like unauthorized songs on it, like, damn. Okay.

Rhyner: [00:21:59] Just lying [00:22:00] around

Hy: [00:22:01] 81, 81,000 CDs. They said on his website. That's I could link to the article, but yeah, like that's basically what happened,

Rhyner: [00:22:10] please, please show me what this says, please.

I need to see this right now. I'm just saying that should better been fucking fire. Okay.

Hy: [00:22:18] No, they're just use mixed tape producers. So like, so like they probably just had a bunch of copies, but that's why he took all their recording appointment and shit. Cause you know, because it fucks like waterfall, I take, they recording equipment for like, for what?

Like, but

Rhyner: [00:22:31] Oh, I see Fox. Yup. It'll make sense. Now that's a whole other mess.

Hy: [00:22:37] That's a whole other matter.

Rhyner: [00:22:39] Well, speaking of messes, uh, do you think you'd be any different if you just didn't find those cats stories, she didn't turn into a furry. You think you'd have different friends? Like those normal ones you talked to on Facebook

Hy: [00:22:51] probably I'll probably end up like in the army or something like the airport.

Yeah, because I think like in the situation, Alexander [00:23:00] just didn't have a choice until like, No. I got like inland in the community in a way, motivated me to get out the situation that was in. So like kinda like gave me like the brevity to bravery to do it. But yeah, if that, if that thing happened and shit like army, or I don't know what the LS, I was like, I can't imagine myself, which is weird, like not stumbling upon it, you know?

Rhyner: [00:23:24] So being a furry, widened your scope

Hy: [00:23:27] pretty much.

Rhyner: [00:23:28] Yeah. That's pretty nice. Uh, what do you do now?

Hy: [00:23:33] Uh, touch computers for money.

Rhyner: [00:23:37] That's computers,

Hy: [00:23:39] computer for not right work from home it bitch. That's what? Yes.

Rhyner: [00:23:45] You gotta answer stupid ass questions all day. Like this.

Hy: [00:23:51] Thank God. I'm not on like the like telephones or like no call center thing.


Rhyner: [00:23:59] Just thinking about that [00:24:00] kind of made me shutter though, to be honest,

Hy: [00:24:03] those

Rhyner: [00:24:03] old call center days, micromanaged everything falling apart all the time. Oh

Hy: [00:24:09] yeah. Yeah.

Rhyner: [00:24:11] I don't think anyone needs any of that. And I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but happy pride months. Yay. Pride months. Our rights are slowly being appealed.


Hy: [00:24:26] I'm on my fourth beer. Yes. Here. Anyway, let me stop.

Rhyner: [00:24:36] I man, it's 2020 everybody's crossfaded in this bitch right now, to be honest with you.

Hy: [00:24:41] Well, how do you live? Not being high off your ass every day. Oh, like, like in a way, if this is true, it would be the most 20 shit ever. Like they sinks. Fucking like smoking weed.

Might Lord your chases. Didn't like COVID-19, I'm like, y'all fucking lying. Shut up. This is stupid.

Rhyner: [00:24:59] What

[00:25:00] Hy: [00:25:00] are y'all shut the fuck. I was going to be a wee is, and I can, I know, shut the fuck up. Just set up. Set up.

Rhyner: [00:25:10] Oh, weed shortage. All right. On the 2020 train. Yeah, we still got six more months to go after all.

What else could go wrong? We've got to play. Do not

Hy: [00:25:23] do not import and do not encourage Jesus to put more experiments on this world.

Rhyner: [00:25:29] Okay. Okay. I'm sorry, but Hey, in light of, uh, pride months, And the fourth anniversary of the shooting at the pulse nightclub. I did want to ask you how being a furry helps you understand your sexuality as a gay man.

Hy: [00:25:47] Well, like to be honest, like before for underwear, I was kinda like when I was like, so tween teen is just like looking at, like, I'll give you an example. Like when, like what Jack and Dax are first came out. I was [00:26:00] looking at Jack and I just felt Bonnie. Like, I was like, he's kind of cute. And like, you're not like Lightheart feeling you get, yeah, I got that.

And I was just like, but he's a dude and I was just like, cool. Oh, okay. And then, but like going into like the community kind of expanded and making it made me more like confident in it and kind of mold and shape me into like, no dude, I am today for better or for worse. So. Good.

Rhyner: [00:26:33] It sounded like it's treating you well so far, a little surprised.

She didn't say that a Dexter was cute, but you know, it's all good.

Hy: [00:26:41] Okay. Uh,

now, now, now, if we stay in the France ratchet, you have to be ratchet bitch. Like that's what you reminded me of Joe Pesci on like lethal weapon light. Just kind of annoying. You just have to like kick them up away. Just [00:27:00] move just yeah. For a minute. No, I'm a big ratchet fan. I was talking about Baxter.

Rhyner: [00:27:07] Oh, dude.

The extra so annoying. I can't deal with him. Yeah. He honestly didn't even deserve those pants little

Hy: [00:27:15] bit, honestly.

Rhyner: [00:27:18] Do you feel like you can express yourself some more? Oh,

Hy: [00:27:23] yeah, yeah, pretty much. But, um, it just depends. Like I felt like I was the same way, like kind of outside of the community when I was like living in Chicago for awhile here, it's just like, I feel like I got to kind of mute myself sometimes, but like, as I get older, there's more, I don't give a fuck.

Rhyner: [00:27:41] So yeah. One of my favorite pieces that you've commissioned actually is the one by a Reddick nomad. You know, the one with him, with the gay Cape on behind him.

Hy: [00:27:55] Yeah, yeah,

Rhyner: [00:27:57] yeah. That was, yeah. The first one I [00:28:00] saw of your character. Oh, for him? yeah.

Hy: [00:28:06] Oh,

Rhyner: [00:28:06] I was like, damn, this shit is nice as fuck. Not for Sonia is cool too.


Hy: [00:28:16] Yeah. Oh, was just, I actually commissioned out there your last pride month when I was like, Oh, I've got a little bit though. Let me, let me do something and just kind of like, Oh, let me post it again. Cause yeah.

Rhyner: [00:28:27] Yeah. It seems like you post your old art a lot, which, you know, it's quality that too.

Hy: [00:28:34] Yeah, I need to put everything in a zip file for everybody like a public viewing.

Cause like sometimes it'd be photos for their budgets. Like did I policy before to that post is there are pumps that like my brain is smooth, so I'll just forget about shit. Sure.

Rhyner: [00:28:52] Just move brain. Well, it's not too smooth. He's six 21, uh, [00:29:00] has you down, but only for like seven pictures,

Hy: [00:29:03] which is not weird,

Rhyner: [00:29:05] huh?


Hy: [00:29:07] I didn't even know it was, I didn't even know it was all that way.

Rhyner: [00:29:09] Oh yeah. You're tagged is like, hi, underscore hyena or some shit like that.

Hy: [00:29:16] I might look that shit. God damn.

Rhyner: [00:29:23] Are you going to read the fricking comments about how thirsty they are for your frickin persona? Well,

Hy: [00:29:29] I don't need to be stressed tonight.

Rhyner: [00:29:31] Okay. Okay.

Hy: [00:29:32] They're probably not going to leave me alone.

Rhyner: [00:29:37] I don't know. You seem to have gotten a pretty good following just because people want to slurp on your purple pizzas and stuff like that.

Hy: [00:29:44] 65%. The other 45 is like, who is this dumb asshole? One falling. All he does is post pictures. It's fucking weird dog thing with like purple shit on it. Just, yeah. If I was normally I'll look at it, like, yeah, that's the [00:30:00] weird dog thing. Why the fuck is this an Ansul big, what the fuck is going on? Yeah.

Rhyner: [00:30:04] Amen.

Those paws were made for a slap and cops or whatever. Right. Yeah.

Hy: [00:30:12] At least I can pretend cause Swiss cheese, but you know

Rhyner: [00:30:18] yeah,

Hy: [00:30:21] yeah, no, you gotta be realistic, you know, gotta be realistic. So I'm going to, I'll pay somebody to slap the cop for me and I'll film it. Oh, know what I'll do with footage? I'll just, you know,

Rhyner: [00:30:33] Hey, we already got the secret service listening in on this.

I don't think we need to go into super much detail.

Hy: [00:30:42] Well, I think I needed to fucking shoot man, knocking on my anger. Did this want to get the fuck out of my dopes? Like don't buy, trying to bounce back.

Rhyner: [00:30:55] Well, let's be honest. They wouldn't even give you a reason. They would just shoot as soon as they bust down the door.

[00:31:00] Hy: [00:31:00] I wouldn't imagine that like a big calf it's a weird thing is, is like, I don't know how I feel about detectives enough, but they swelled too.

But. Oh, it's just, cops are Catholic. This Catholic

Rhyner: [00:31:15] don't use brute force.

Hy: [00:31:16] They usually they're brave they're brands, usually art ass move, but they always do more sneaky shit. But I think like in my field is a bit soft and watching that Dale first 48 and you have the, like the black lady detective that doesn't take any shit.

And I love her. She. Uh, 12, fuck 12. But like she, well, she goes, she don't take no shit. She'd move on. Well,

Rhyner: [00:31:40] all I can think of is Carmen San Diego, and that's definitely not it,

Hy: [00:31:46] but I'll leave for the other good couch shop. There is Reno nine one one. That's one fucking way.

Rhyner: [00:31:53] Yeah. It's not even clear Captio.

Totally valid.

Hy: [00:31:56] Yeah. I mean, yeah, but people might still look at it like out [00:32:00] still like constant, like, but it's like stupid cops.

Rhyner: [00:32:03] Okay. Okay. How about Robocop though?

Hy: [00:32:06] Oh, no, I feel about Robocop. I mean, he's a robot, so I don't think he can make a mistake, but you take the AI, like the AI. So it was like, okay.

The tech bros are mostly white, so they might like program like. Mmm.

Rhyner: [00:32:22] I think what he was a good guy who got murdered and then he had to fight the cops at the end,

Hy: [00:32:29] valid and do it in the nuts. Valid, valid

Rhyner: [00:32:37] Robocop on ironically says, fuck the police. Oh my gosh. So I guess since you do the computer thing, you would just be like focusing on like, Computers cars. Video games, things that aren't free century. Again, I guess you would rocking the Buzzcocks cause you were from the army at this point, if you hadn't joined up with furries, right?

[00:33:00] Hy: [00:33:02] So untested water shit. Like how would I be? Cause like a lot of people I know came back from the army, just don't give a fuck like good. They don't treat the veterans as well. Even though like, you know, we, Dick ride veterans quote unquote. Well, they'll get fucked by no veterans. They just use them and leave, which is kind of like, this is real fucked up, you know?

Rhyner: [00:33:21] Yeah. It's super fucked up. Especially when they like pray on lower class communities. Like you said, people that don't exactly have a lot of opportunities. They just kind of swoop them up and shovel them into the fricking machine. Like it's and then afterwards they don't even have the courtesy of like, you know, aftercare or whatever.

They just like Spanky out the army and you're on your own. All traumatized and shit. No one has supported you doesn't matter. The most you get is someone saluting you or thanking you for their service. But that's about it

Hy: [00:33:53] for the American. Like most of America loves heroes because they died and they don't complain.

That's how I feel.

[00:34:00] Rhyner: [00:34:00] Yeah.

Hy: [00:34:01] Fremont and keep telling them like, you know what, that's such critical. A social worker, heroes, not a lot of heroes. It'll just like, Yeah, I can understand you seem that way. It was just like you kind of putting that label. And I was like, in a lot of nurses are like, I don't want to be seen as a hero.

Just give us like what we need, like without a pandemic stuff on.

Rhyner: [00:34:22] Oh, yeah. All that shit about calling McDonald's workers, heroes, telling your Starbucks barista that they're our hero. Meanwhile, there underpaid overworked under protected. You know, you don't feel like a hero, but you keep being told that you're a hero.


Hy: [00:34:43] I was watching the video. You're not a rapper replies at all. I don't think so. No, he was supposed to be a little Instagram videos I'll probably look into, but like he was talking about like, if you call these motherfuckers heroes pay to got their workers, payday [00:35:00] is a hero's waived. You're talking about like

Rhyner: [00:35:04] right on.

I can't believe this shit. Like they should have, at least they gave us $1,200. Literally one month of rent for a one bedroom studio apartment in New York city. For how long? For like three months, two months. I can't believe this shit. Like they could have at least done something else for like the people that are still working like a hero cut or something extra $600 or something.

Hy: [00:35:34] Right. Oh, they just don't want us to have, like, to have a taste of a good life. Because, you know, they always want somebody to look down on ain't even about money froze. It's like, we need a class to look down on so they can ask it no matter, even if it makes the country better, we don't want them to have that shit, you know?

Rhyner: [00:35:54] Yeah, exactly. Like those people that talk down on low income [00:36:00] households, because they're quote unquote buying lobster dinners with welfare money, like let people enjoy things. Is that so hard to do

Hy: [00:36:12] people? Yeah.

Rhyner: [00:36:13] I don't know. What's up with that. When you say the words that you're black, you tell someone you're black, where does that come from for you?

Hy: [00:36:24] Corny and purpose. It all comes from the heart. It's just, I know what the fuck I am. And if you don't like it, then that's yo mother fucker problem. Like I'm tired of trying to appease people. And eight times out of 10, like they don't give a fuck back. Just like I said before I am at this point, like I'm getting older.

I just don't have time for the bullshit. You know?

Rhyner: [00:36:47] Exactly. People want to say that they don't see color, but that color is a part of who you are and you are proud of it and you can be proud of it. It's just a part of [00:37:00] you and you accept that before anyone else does.

Hy: [00:37:03] You're not on certainly, but that's like the only person who's going to set me for me is me.

So just move the fuck out my wait, let me do a lot bang. They mind the fucking business.

Rhyner: [00:37:13] Exactly. I couldn't have said better than myself. All these people trying to act like they don't see color.

Hy: [00:37:20] Oh, I'm sure the, what you do see,

like just last year data, the whole foods. Last idea. Exactly.

Rhyner: [00:37:31] Let's talk about,

Hy: [00:37:32] let's talk about the,

Rhyner: [00:37:34] Hey, let's talk about it. Is there any time in the fandom you felt you were excluded because of your skin tone, anything like that?

Hy: [00:37:40] Uh, outside of like, there's not enough, felt really explicit. It was always like a vibe or kind of like, you see tough.

Give me a look. And you're like, even though I'll know, like half of the people that are and shit, look by like the room owner, like, why is he here? And you just the only [00:38:00] black dude in a year from another black friend of yours, like he gave me the same look. Oh, okay. We get it. We get it. Bitch. They'll still give me a six pack that gave me a cigarette.

Rhyner: [00:38:12] Yeah. It's like that grimy, slimy feeling like there are people staring at you. Like, not just looking like they're staring at you, like they're trying to process what you are, why you're here.

Hy: [00:38:25] Yeah. God.

Rhyner: [00:38:27] I can't imagine for just doing that because there were already a bunch of freaks. Right? Who are you to look down on someone else?

Cause they're not fucking purple or pink or blue or whatever. Right,

Hy: [00:38:37] right.

Rhyner: [00:38:39] Yeah. Is there any like specific moment in particular that you can remember from last time you were at a fur con or something?

Hy: [00:38:46] Wow. That's a tough month because this is just, I've been to so many has been a blur. Like, I'm sure there's like a few examples.

If you drink for four days straight, you're not going to remember my shit, honestly,

[00:39:00] but this is outside of just people talking shit online, getting looks or like, like little microaggressions, this shit, like nothing ever explicit, like get the fuck out of my room in word or something like

Rhyner: [00:39:14] that. Yeah, exactly.

Hy: [00:39:16] Right. Nothing

Rhyner: [00:39:17] like that kind of shit really only ever happens in like movies or TV shows or whatever.

Yeah. It's

Hy: [00:39:24] mostly just like, micro-aggressive just vibes, you know, Vive actions, like your actions is just more speaking. Well, just how would you looking at me? How you talking to me? What's your body language, et cetera.

Rhyner: [00:39:36] Yeah, pretty much. Which is kind of ridiculous. When you think about it. They have no reason to be even like around you, if they don't, they don't want to be, and you don't have any reason to be around them if you don't want to be around them.

So you're more likely to bounce. It's just like this really dumb cycle of [00:40:00] events. Well,

Hy: [00:40:01] you do have a problem with me. That's your problem. That's your problem with me? Don't worry about me. Right? Why are you here

Rhyner: [00:40:08] for that? Yeah, you're there for you and that's all that matters

Hy: [00:40:12] pretty much.

Rhyner: [00:40:12] Well, Hey, what do you think about what's going on right now?

Do you think anything's going to be able to change in the future passing laws and doing police reform and stuff like that. Do you think we need to do some more?

Hy: [00:40:25] Oh fuck. Yeah. Like, like yeah. That shit that the Dems did this week with the fucking, can you take off that shit was embarrassing. 100%. Actually it was embarrassing.

I don't care if the congressional black coffee gave them can't they clump that's shit. Look at this shit. Like what the. What are you doing? What are you doing? What the fuck are you doing? This, this, this no performative platitude bullshit. No, I don't want that fucking action. That's what the fuck I want don't I don't want to hear you talk.

No, no, no. Y'all do we in the middle of the fucking pain, Danny ice cream [00:41:00] thrown out it. Fuck. Is you doing, you know, sorry, I just had to go off my bag. My bag.

Rhyner: [00:41:06] Yeah, it's all good. I get what you're coming from. Yeah. Looking at the picture of politicians, uh, kneeling in our room instead of, you know, their job.

Imagine that a politician doing their job, changing laws to, uh, help support the people in which they govern over.

Hy: [00:41:28] No, they thought a few books you want to just, yeah. Bullshit. I think, I think to change even people that are new that will never speak out about it or speak it out. And like, I don't see where there's a lot of, like, it was weird saying like protests and like upper middle class, white suburbs, like in McMansions with like, you know, they out there with the size of like, why like.

It's jarring because you wouldn't expect that

Rhyner: [00:41:54] big time.

Hy: [00:41:55] So I got some faith, but I'm still cautious because American has [00:42:00] goldfish, like, so I can. Everybody's like a fucking gopher's new brain with all this like stuff. So it'd be like jump from one thing to another, to another, like every week it's something different, like this fucking what Bolton book, whatever this whole John Bolton book about Trump, whatever about to come out.

So they're going to be talking to them about that for a week. Oh, pandemic. What that is like, it's just like, God, he's that fucking with the news? Yeah. Like with the corporate news, I mean like, fuck with these, like. Independent journalists, like show me.

Rhyner: [00:42:32] Oh yeah. Big time. Those mainstream medias are pushing their narrative so hard.

You can't actually tell what's fact from fiction because of how much they mince everything up and censor it and change it. The only thing I think you can trust is videos taken from the people themselves and the counts from them themselves. You know what I mean?

Hy: [00:42:52] It's all bullshit to me for us. I don't really want, I just kind of.

Just look at other sources of news, as much as like [00:43:00] answers. The only thing you can do is just sift through the bullshit

Rhyner: [00:43:04] same, but on the bright side, uh, it is great to see all the outcry from all the different communities, not even like just in the United States, but all around the world. We've got Japan, London, I guess my final question for you tonight, uh, would be, what do you think about sonnet Fox?

Do you feel like Sonic Fox, a gay black furry represents you at all?

Hy: [00:43:32] Well, I, I I'm really grateful, like they doing their thing. I don't know how to like put it, like it's inspiring really, but for basically the younger generation of black furries, for real, like, they are inspired by like the innocent. Great to see.

Cause I ended up, I looked up to several people, but not nobody is big as it's not a Fox, you know,

Rhyner: [00:43:52] it was great. So just through and through, he's a great inspiration to all Allah, well,

Hy: [00:43:59] gamer [00:44:00] gamers on here a little bit, just with lower gamers out here, hitting sticks, you know,

Rhyner: [00:44:06] like free couplets or something, but that's sad.

That's so

Hy: [00:44:09] wrong. Wow. I'm writing them all fucking collar poets right now. I have to type that hole up right now, coach. No. And I got that in recorded. Oh,

Rhyner: [00:44:22] shit. Fuck. Alright, yo. Hi. Thank you so much for coming out and talking with me. I learned a lot today. Oh, you stay on that goofy shit. Okay.

Hy: [00:44:34] Get over one day and I gotta be miserable.

So like once you see my like Twitter chain, we'll change my icon to like, I don't know a treat. Oh, true.

Rhyner: [00:44:43] One vacation to a, to a grave because you're going to be heading there soon.

Hy: [00:44:48] Damn, I'll wrap it up, wrap it up.

Rhyner: [00:44:55] All right. Thank you so much. Anything else you wanted to add?

[00:45:00] justice for and Tyler .

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