Interview With Crassus – Guns, Birds, & Racist Furries

I sat down with Crassus on July 27th 2020 and we discussed the prevalence of casual racism, the role the 2nd amendment plays in times like this, and why you should never scratch your bird’s chest. He’s a soft spoken, but level headed guy that’s open and honest about what’s on his mind — the perfect way to end July.

Interview With Gozi

I sat down with Gozi on July 19th 2020 to talk about his experience as a black, furry content creator. He shares experiences from his background as well as his opinions on what the furry fandom needs to do most: hold everyone accountable. It was a pleasure chatting with this guy, and we discuss prejudice in the fandom, shady looks, and why BLM is important now and forever.

Interview With Integro

A fun episode thanks to my guest and long time friend Integro aka Bushi. Being black and gay growing up in Louisiana isn’t easy, but as we weave the conversation from one outrageous situation to the next I come to understand how he came to be the friend I know him as today. We discuss discovering sexuality, how cops are viewed by minorities and what it means to have representation in the furry fandom.